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Download Siren Head APK - The Ultimate Horror Game for Android

>5 year old loves siren headjeez, when i was 5 i was reading books not playing horror games. And why its ok for 5 year old to play horror games or any other games instead of being outside playing in sand box or idk but not to watch pron? like whats the difference if kid watch horror game or pron?

siren head game apk

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You are Freddy Anderson, a local high school student going camping with some friends since its summer break. You dreadfully go to the outdoors for some fun but when you are the last one to arrive, you feel something isn't right with this place. Where did everyone go?Sirenhead originally created by: Trevor HendersonHelp fund the full game here! -bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=WDBSK4W3WTD...So I can hire people to help turn this into a full game and get some difficult bugs fixed!

I wish I had access to the early versions of this game when trying to download any version it just gives the current version, my son really wants to play them. Does anyone know where I could get them?

I want you to update this game again. i want the game to have a savepoint or checkpoint. this game is hard for some people and impossible to finish.Please update checkpoint same as Siren head southpoint.

Still the game has to be one of the best depictions of Sirenhead, and is really creepy hearing them around you but not actually seeing them. It really gets to a point when you can no longer work out what noises are coming from the siren heads and which ones are coming from.

I'm sorry if this may sound annoying and rude, but will you ever fix your Siren Head game? Ever since the v2.0.0 Nithorn update, there's been so many game breaking bugs that are still in the game to this day that people have been complaining about and nothing's been done about it. The Bad Ending is broken and is stuck in place, the Siren Head jumpscare itself has the wrong camera angle not even facing him, you can still fall out of the map via the jumpscare, the gun aim reticle can glitch and get stuck on the screen, some people can't get passed the loading screen when they press enter or the game over screen, and much much much more. This one guy by the username Hollow recently played it 4 days ago as I post this, and he couldn't get the bad ending due to it being glitched and attempted it three times to no success and was disappointed in the end. I played this update so long ago when the Nithorn update was only new and these game breaking bugs were in the game, and I'm surprised they have never been taken care of, I even asked you before and reported the problems to you on Twitter and you said you would fix them, but nothing has ever happened, and it's about to be a whole year since the Nithorn update came out, and it's still unbelievably buggy. I really loved playing this Siren Head game, it was considered the best one in my opinion, but when the Nithorn update came out, it had completely broken the game. Please I ask once again, may you please fix your Siren Head game?

Actually had a great laugh from this game :) I do wish this game was a little longer, but was overall very satisfied with the humor and pacing. I don't play many dating sims, but when I do you best know it's these ones! ? great job, I really liked the backgrounds and of course siren head themselves ?

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THAT WAS SO GOOD! I really enjoyed that game, especially its spooky atmosphere that just won't let you relax. it becomes kind of predictable when you get used to its mechanics, but I give this solid 8/10. !!! GAME SPOILER AHEAD !!!in the end where sirenhead had "died" and you needed to go to your car again was the most scary part. I thought I was going to sh!t myself if something would've jumped at me lmao. and as I see my assumptions that there were more than one sirenhead roaming around turned out to be true (this thing popped out literally out of nowhere sometimes when I had clearly seen it walking in the other direction)

This game was soo spooky i'm talking about the atmosphere and random Siren head appearance's. But some cut scenes is very pointless, you should fix that in a future update and make it more scary and worthwhile. Some minor bugs and glitches can be found, like penetrating some trees like a ghost, sticking on the fence or some rocks. But overall it was a pretty solid siren head game. I rate it 7 out of 10. Thank you Hex core.

I loved the atmosphere and the environment. The only nitpick I have is that I wish there was more interaction with the Siren Head, the world seemed a bit empty and vast, given the task we needed to do. Overall not a bad game to play for fun!

The sounds Siren head is making are insane, gives goosebumps! The graphics, map design, the small story behind it is perfect! I enjoyed this game a lot, even though it was without jump scares! :) Good Job Developer Hex Core! :)

Captured the essence of Siren head very well and good thing you didn't forgot that it's not a single creature and that there is a whole colony of them. Very atmospheric, love the audio ques for when it approaches and starts walking your way. Balanced quite well in my opinion and thank you for making this!

hex core i want you to add a part 2 to this game and what i want is after we were driving away from 3 Siren head's we crash and get out of the car and run somewhere and they can't find you but you ran into a new aera and now you will have to find another working car that you can use to escape this stranded place one and for all

Aside from my one little bit of criticism and the bug report, the game is very damn good, I played it on my channel a long time ago, and I believe this to be one of the best Siren Head games that was ever made and arguably the scariest Siren Head game I ever played. Here's my own gameplay video of it from a long time ago if you are interested.

This is THE best siren head game I've ever played. It is very well made and is really fun to play even when you have beaten it around a dozen times, 10/10. one problem is with this game it that it is SO fun there is enough content but with more it would be way better.

I really liked this one! It shows you put a lot of work into the game and I bet it would TOTALLY be successful on steam if there was a bit more substance to the game. It feels a bit too easy to avoid Siren Head but having him ALWAYS on top of you definitely helped keep things tense. My only gripe was that the flashlight was largely useless.

There were a couple of negatives within the game that kind of subtract from the experience , the first is the "convenient" notes and map placements to start the story it feels like you are being helped a little too much in the beginning , and the second is a glitch where you can grab the contents of the toolshed without even opening up the shed itself.

Hey, this game was amazing! The sounds were insanely creepy and well made. I will put my gameplay below. Speaking of my gameplay, this leads me to a question regarding a copyright claim made by [Merlin] Idol Distribution for Sound FX. I couldn't find a lot on this, but I did find several threads on YouTube, reddit, and the likes about their claims being false. I haven't done anything about it yet, but I am asking if you, the creators, have any knowledge of this? Thank you for reading this block of text. I highly enjoyed your game.

I looked at what portion of the video was copyrighted and found it to be a siren sound. Again. This is the second time a siren head gameplay on my channel has been copyright claimed because of a siren. Last time it was a song that used a siren.

If this happens to anyone making a gameplay on this or any other siren head game, check what portion of the video is copyrighted, and most likely it will be a siren which is a real-life sound created by tornado, air raid, or other emergency sirens. Just dispute it with public domain and explain what a siren is.